FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Career Direct get me a job?


Career Direct is not an online job board; we help you discover the occupation that best suits your talents, interests, and personality. Rather than merely listing employment opportunities, Career Direct looks deeper to identify why you should enter a profession.

2. Who would benefit the most from using Career Direct?


People of all ages can benefit from Career Direct whether they are preparing for a career, entering the workforce for the first time, rejoining the workforce, or seeking to maximize their God-given talents and abilities. We recommend a minimum age of 15.

3. With all the other career assessments out there, why did you come up with Career Direct?


Over his many years of providing family finance counseling, Career Direct co-founder Larry Burkett became concerned that so many people were in careers that didn't match their talents and abilities. He wanted to help people recognize their strengths and weakness and become good stewards – a vision of what would eventually become Career Direct.

4. What makes Career Direct unique?


Career Direct provides information similar to other well-known assessments that cover components such as personality, interests, or skills individually. Since Career Direct measures personality, interests, skills, values, stress, and financial management factors, it is one of the most comprehensive assessments available.

5. How many people have taken Career Direct?


It is estimated that well over 200,000 students and adults have taken Career Direct.

6. What is your experience with Career Direct?


I have personally taken Career Direct twice and it was instrumental in making a career change which turned out to be the move that I needed to take. As a consultant, I have led over 75 individuals through the Career Direct process.